Nic and Chris have worked together many times over the years and have always discussed ‘the perfect drum sound’. After an extensive amount of combined studio experience and trying out other sample packs on the market, they decided to create something to fill in the gaps. 




“These days producers and songwriters have sample packs coming at them from every direction”, says Chris, “Our goal was to create something unique. Something usable in any situation as well as something that would help bring inspiration to projects”.

What exactly is unique about this one? 

“The first thing we wanted to capture was Nic’s feel. The intricate details of a player’s stroke is something that you can’t replicate, and Nic has the ability to use his hands to impact the drum sound and create something unique straight from the get go. This coupled with our meticulous drum selection, tuning, performance and recording not only provides our users with great sounding drums samples, but the artistic DNA of our combined ideas and knowledge.”

“We believe that an artist’s creative identity encompasses not only the music that they create, but the sounds they create”, says Nic. “We really wanted to create something that would inspire songwriters and producers along their own creative journey.”