What's included in NPSD sample packs and how do I use them? 

NPSD sample packs include TCI format files for use with Steven Slate Trigger and NKI files for use with Kontakt and Kontakt Player. 

TCI files can be loaded directly into a plugin instance of Trigger inside your DAW or plugin host for triggering NPSD samples from the channels input signal. We have also included Trigger preset files which give users a 'quick start' balance of multi-mic positions.

NKI files similarly are loadable directly into Kontakt and Kontakt Player and has the ability to read MIDI events within your DAW.

Alternatively, we have also included individual 24 bit WAV files which you can load into a sampler or software of your choice. 

Does NPSD include a software instrument for MIDI programming?

Yes! Our packs include NKI files for usage with Kontakt and Kontakt Player. 

What kind of processing has been applied to NPSD samples?

One of our objectives is to deliver a true representation of the drums featured in our packs but still have the ability to slide into your mix seamlessly with minimal moves. Drum samples have been processed with EQ and light compression from a modern approach, however should still provide enough room to move with your own processing to work with the variables or your music.

Is there a Demo Version available?

Due to licensing control, we do not offer a demo version of our sample packs. Please head to the audio player on our product page to hear comprehensive audio clips of our packs.

I'm interested in more details about the drums which have been recorded and sampled, where can I find out more?

Please see our Product Details page for a comprehensive look at all the drums used in our products 

What's your refund and exchange policy?

Due to Licensing Control and the digital delivery of our products, we cannot refund or exchange so please purchase wisely and well informed. If you have any further question about our products or compatibility before you buy, please get in touch, we're happy to answer any questions you have.

How can I get in contact?

Shoot us a message via our Contact form, we're always keen to chat!