Signature Sample Pack

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The Signature Sample Pack is a comprehensive snapshot of Nic Pettersen's sonic approach to the modern drum sound and includes samples taken from a wide selection of drums used in the studio and on tour with Northlane. Selected, tuned and recorded by Nic, the signature sample pack offers the most detailed look at Nic's renowned drum sound.

Pack Includes:

Snare Drums (includes cross stick articulations)

  • 'Mesmer' - Taken from Nic's Evetts 14x7 Tasmanian Blackwood Signature Snare
  • 'Node' - Taken from Nic's personally handbuilt 14x7 birch snare which was featured on Northlane's 'Node'
  • 'Rot' - Taken from the 14x6.5 Cast Steel drum used on Northlane's Single Version of 'Rot'
  • 'Thirteen' - Taken from a 13x6.5 maple snare drum personally built by Nic and used on various touring with Northlane

Kick Drums

  • Bubinga Birch 20 -  Taken from Nic's main touring kit from 2012 to 2017
  • Bubinga 22 - Taken from Nic's current touring kit


  • Bubinga Birch Toms -  Taken from Nic's main touring kit from 2012 to 2017. Includes 10" Rack, 14" and 16".


  • Slate Trigger Presets - Quick start presets for balancing multi-microphone channels within Slate Trigger

Each drum includes multi microphone samples. Please see our product information sheet for more details regarding drums and microphone positions

All samples delivered digitally in Kontakt Instrument Files (NKI), Slate Trigger Files (TCI) and 24 bit Wav files.

Please note, Kontakt Player (Free Edition) limits the use of instruments for 15 minutes per session. See our FAQ page for more details

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