Signature Sample Pack Product Details



Captured from Nic’s hand crafted Signature Evetts Blackwood 14x7" snare drum, this snare drum was used entirely on Northlane’s 4th studio album, ‘Mesmer’ and encapsulates Nic's approach to Northlane’s drum sound. Its shell is 16 ply Tasmanian Blackwood which features a full bodied tone with a punchy crack, perfect for any scenario. The high-mid tuning helps articulate pop-corn like ghost notes, yet still maintains it’s thick and saturated character in heavy handed style playing where other drums choke up.


The 'Node' snare drum is a 14x7" Birch snare drum hand build by Nic himself. This snare was exclusively used on every track of Northlane’s 'Node'. Showcasing a snappy, powerful low end quality, it encompasses the classic sound of an aggressive "rock" snare. It has all the typical characteristics expected from a birch drum, with a tighter mid range and softer attack in the top end. The lowest tuned snare drum in the collection, perfect for those searching for a bit more thud in their snare sound.


A heavy gauge, rolled 14x6.5” steel shell, this snare drum is nice and bright for all modern applications where metal snare drums are normally a nominal choice. It’s dense, weighty shell creates a slightly more wild flavour and harmonically rich tone with some tasteful overtones. The drum was used on Northlane’s single version of ‘Rot’ because of its slightly lower tonal resonance, making the drum sing in lower tunings and therefore perfect for medium tempos. This beefy yet metallic and bright snare drum is the instant sledge hammer additive to any drum sound!


“Thirteen” is a 13x6.5” Maple snare drum, also hand built by Nic himself. Selected out of his private snare drum collection, the ‘Thirteen’ is heavily geared towards fast and furious styled applications as it boasts an extensive amount of crack and presence. The drum has been tuned to the upper end of snare drum tuning ranges making it perfect for fast tempos and cutting through any mix like a hot knife through butter. The smooth character of the maple shell allows this drum to be articulate and clear, yet smooth and warm which is particularly important for higher tuned drums.

Cross stick articulations are included with all snare drums

All Snare Drums include the following Microphone Positions.

 Top (Dynamic Microphone) - 

 Top (Small Diaphragm Condensor)

 Bottom Microphone

 Stereo Overhead

 Stereo Room Close

 Stereo Room Far


Bubinga / Birch 20

The 20” Bubinga / Birch Kick drum offers a tighter alternative and different tonal properties to commonly used 22” Kick drums. Due to the tuning range, it has a shifted low mid and bass response to a higher frequency region, however still has plenty of sub harmonic presence due to the partial bubinga shell. This drum has been uniquely part of Nic’s setup since 2012.

Bubinga 22

A new addition to Nic’s drum collection, this drum is made from 100% Bubinga. With it’s notorious big bottom end, it’s the perfect wood for big drums. As the wood’s density is softer than a lot of traditional drum manufacturing wood types such as maple or birch, the top end and upper mid regions of the drum have a reduced attack response which gives the drum a more balanced feel and bottom end projection. Straight off the mic, this drum has that classic recorded rock and metal kick sound!

All Kick Drums include the following Microphone Positions:

 Inside Microphone

 Outside Microphone

 Stereo Overhead

 Stereo Room Close

 Stereo Room Far


Bubinga / Birch Toms

The Bubinga / Birch tom set consists of Nic’s 10”, 14” and 16” toms from his main touring kit.  The combination of birch and bubinga applies the key characteristics of both woods, taking the punch and tight precision of birch but the warmth and size of Bubinga to produce a very balanced and even tone. The drums have been tuned medium to low, relative to their size.

All Toms include the following Microphone Positions:

 Direct Microphone

 Stereo Overhead

 Stereo Room Close

 Stereo Room Far